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Analysis of Official Canada Data
Related to COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

Open Letter to Chief Science Advisor of Canada  (original, follow-up)

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Googlesheet that tracks data from these sources is here. MS Excel spreadsheet is here.

  1. [PHAC0] COVID-19 vaccination in Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada: (Figure 1) 

  2. [PHAC-1] 'COVID-19 Daily Epidemiology Update', Public Health Agency of Canada: (Updated weekly). Archive of past reports: (cached from

  3. [PHAC-2] Reported side effects following COVID-19 vaccination in Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada:  (Updated weekly).
    Archive of past reports:​​​​​

  4. [StatCan-1] Provisional weekly death counts, by selected grouped causes of death  (Updated monthly):

  5. [StatCan-2] Provisional weekly death counts, by age group and sex  (Updated monthly):

    NB: Please read carefully all the notes and corrections posted for this data-set. In particular, the following was posted with July 14, 2022 release:
    On April 21, 2022, estimates of weekly mortality for some jurisdictions have been corrected. It was discovered that some data deemed too unreliable for publication were made available and released on April 14, 2022. The data has now been appropriately suppressed.

Main Dashboard

The dashboard consists of four parts
Part 1: All deaths  | Part 2: Vaccine efficacy | Part 3: Vaccine safety | Part 4: All tables 

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Note that on 24 June 2022 PHAC has changed the way it reports the data.
The changes in the statistics after that date are not reflected in this Dashboard. 

For users who have access to Googlesheets,
the interactive version of this dashboard is also available at  "Open Canada!" google-site portal:  (shortcuts: and

Part 1: All deaths

See also Interactive Dashboards that have been developed by Statistics Canada and IVIM for visualizing excess deaths here.

All ages (Release date: 2022-04-14). Images for other data releases and other age groups are archived at 


  • Vertical lines indicate the beginning of vaccination of high-risk population and general public.
  • Data are averaged over four weeks. Drop at the end is due to the absence of data in some provinces and should be ignored

Related investigations:

  • In its May release,  Statistics Canada removed data that showed excess deaths in people 0 to 44 years of age after vaccination in New Brunswick. 
    Investigation Report related to this incident, all cached data and full Data Analysis are available on GitHub and Substack.
  • In its July release, Statistics Canada has corrected the data for people 0 to 44 years of age after vaccination in New Brunswick.
    - The Web App that compares data from different releases is embedded below and can also be directly accessed here.

Part 2: Vaccine Efficacy 


Percentage of fully-vaccinated among COVID-19 Cases:
Reported and Weekly (recomputed from Reported)

COVID-19 Cases:  Relative to vaccination status group size
(Numbers are shown per million for each vaccination status population)

Odds of Cases by Vaccination status: tracked over time
(Odds are computed using relative case count for each vaccination status population)

Odds of Cases by Vaccination status: combined averages from January to May2022 

Part 3: Vaccine Safety

COVID-19 vaccine Serious Adverse Reactions: Projected Total and by Age group
Source: (Figure 1)
Total is projected based on currently observed delays in reporting

Complications from Vaccines vs. Complications from Infection 
(Severe Adverse Reactions vs COVID cases deceased):
All Ages combined and by Age Group

Full spreadsheet is below
To open this Spreadsheet in a separate window, click here 
Cached images from this Spreadsheet are shown below.

Cached Tables Images
(More images are available here)


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