4 Reverie

Музыка и слова: ДГ

Lying on the grass I tought about you
Watching how in the sky of blue
there were clouds floating 
like thoughts of mine.

And I wanted to get off the ground,
to get off this hassle, off this crowd
and to fly with them far, far away 
to the heights of sky.

- So, what's the matter? Go ahead!
  Who prevents from flying in your head?
  Who prevents from looking far beyond ...
  in dreams and reveries?!

  And your thoughts will lead you to your goal
  If they were born by real love.
  You just have to melt away in them ...
  All you need is a desire.

    Yes,I wanted to merge with the breath of birds!
    I wanted to find you on the earth!
    I wanted to…
    to see what you were going to do!

    And so strong was the desire of mine to go!
    that I felt dizziness and vertigo!
    And I noticed ...
    Wind below my feet.

And there were prairies below my knees,
Rivers taking their way into the seas,
And behind the seas the mountain peaks ...
with such a gorgeous look!

But I hurried up to that covert place
where I believed I'd seen your face
I flew down closer - it was really you…
You were reading a book.

You were reading ``Immortal wife” by Irving Stown.