Album 2 « Lets do it this way! »

2.1 Christmas Morning Song - Різдвяна

2.1.1 Christmas Morning Song

It so suddenly
became silent here
 All at once
 has disappeared
    All at once
    all has changed
    empty streets, empty lanes. 
  Nobody's around                    
  Snow is falling down 
    from the skies
    from above
    All the world full of snow...
    and love.

And I looked around
feeling like a cloud
 Like a cloud passing by
 above the ground
     I could feel breeze of air
     So fresh, so clear
   I saw from above
   Only land of love
     Is dream, 
     Or it's what I could see
     with my open heart

2.1.2 Різдвяна

Тиха нічь стоїть
Все довколо спить
 За вікном білий сніг 
 наче пух летить

   Срібний місяць в горі
   І зима на дворі
   Тиш и спокій скрізь
   Стоять в цій порі

Лиш ялинки стоять
Лише зорі не сплять

2.2 If you feel sad

The score in PDF.

C C Dm7 G7 C7+

C C7+ Gm A7
C C+ Am C7 G7
Am Am7+ Am7 Am6 F7+ F6 Fm C7+
C7 G7 C

C C Gm G7
C C(7+) C7 G7 C        

2.3 Lets do it this way

Day just didn't start 
exactly the way you wished  
Things are falling apart 
You’re not feeling in your niche
You had so many plans 
For everything that I cared 
But somehow you are stuck 
And can not go anywhere. 

Let's do it this way Hey 
Will throw it away A. 
With everything We've set 
And not having set yet 

Let's Just take it easy 
And look at Horizon, 
And your day is Just born, 
full of pleasant surprises. 

Let Held hands together 
With your hand in my hand 
And look at Horizon 
A brand new  day Is born

Day just didn't start  / 
exactly the way you wished
Things are falling apart / 
you just cannot find you niche
You had so many plans / 
for everything that you cared
But somehow you got stuck / 
and cannot go anywhere

Let's do it this way, hey! / 
Let's through all away, hey!
With everything you said / 
And not having said yet
Let's just take it easy / 
and look at horizon
A brand new day is just born / 
it's full of surprises!

You'll wake up with sun / 
and make morning exercise
You will greet everyone / 
and there will be many smiles
All the children you loved / 
and cared for many years
Will grow up to become / 
the wonderful friends or yours!

You'll pick up the flowers / 
for hours and hours
You'll spent time together / 
enjoying the weather
And you you'll climb the montains / 
and you'll ride the oceans
through winters and summers /
 with love and devotion! 

You'll wake up with the Sun 
and make morning exercise 
You will greet everyone 
and there will be many smiles. 

All the children for whom 
you cared for many years 
will grow up to become
the wonderful friends of yours.

You'll pick up the flowers, 
for hours and hours, 
you  will bike together, 
enjoying the weather, 
And you'll climb the mountains 
and dive in the oceans 
supporting each other 
in love and devotion.

День мой начался не 
так как хотелось мне. 
Все наперекосяк, 
как в каком-то кошмарном сне. 
Я так много хотел 
полезного Сделать бы. 
Но вот день пролетел, 
А я там же где и был.

Послушай давай же! 
Иди, не сдавайся 
Сомнения ? – не до них
У каждого есть они
Взгляни с высоты ка
на мир этот ты ка 
придет завтра Новый день 
а за ним и века!

2.4 I Cannot Stand The Lies No More

G Gdim Bm7 Fdim  Em Em7 B7
I cannot stand the lies no more
They make me nauseous, feeling sore
I am vomiting 
I can't take them no more

C Cdim Em7 A#dim Am Am7 A7
I cannot watch the people die
And then see colonels tell me why
If you kill people 
This is called a war

For somebody it is a job (it's a well paid job)
For somebody it is a show (it's an interesting show)
And somebody 
don't care much at all

But a war can never be justified
For power and money people die
Oh.. (What one can do?...)  (You can't stop this machine...)

Ottawa. 19 March 2003, 6:00 

2.5 Non a La Guerre!

Non a la guerre - Non a la guerre!
Oui a la paix - Oui a la paix!
Think for yourself - Think for yourself!
Non a la guerre - Non a la guerre!

(Chorus continues as vocal starts)

Can you hear a firing gun? (the explosions of bombs?)
Can you see the blood of innocent child?
Who told you that you have to do that?
And why you believe whatever they said?

They can justify whatever they do
They are masters of weasel words
They've been trained to do just that
But why you believe everything they said?


Seeding hatred from big screens
Finding an enemy to spit on
With Big Brother shown every day
Telling you what to do and to say

Are you so completely brainwashed
Watching nothing but TV shows?
Does it remind you of anything?
Or you are unable to see and think?


Isn't it nice to sit at home
To watch TV and vote "to bomb"?
Then finish your burger seeing them die
And listen from them then many reasons why?
There's no such a thing as a justified war -
All wars are driven by the same thing:
Money, power and ambitions
Of oligarchs and politicians!


Look at those monsters in bullet-proof jackets
Aiming guns into armless people
So self-content, well-paid and proud
For knowing nothing but how to fire and shout!

They the heroes of national papers
The best investment of the administration
So eager to pull the trigger
So proud not to have a doubt!

Non a la guerre

Ottawa, 15 March, 18:00, 2003

2.6 On usefulness of a nap (Feeling good)

I feel good, eh eh eh eh e e
I feel it good
I had a nap 
I have recuperated from , what they call , stress / I feel much better now, before I was so stressed

And I can fly Rhein eh eh eh e e 
Yes, I can fly 
I can go on
Can carry on with all activities I planned
And there be the best

Refrain 1
No need to hide whatever I can do
I feel it with every bit of my heart
And you can try, I know you can do it too
And then we'll be ready to start

To sing a song, eheh
To dance some jive
Be on the top in everything we do or just participate.

2.7 We can only get wiser

We can only get 
Things can only  change 
                                 for better
Though they may sometimes
                                        surprise us
People cannot fight 
                            and argue for forever!

'Cause the world is such 
     a long-term harmony
Where each of us
     Has his/her own melody
Melody of love
That  adds the coloring 
and sense of beauty 
to our multifaceted reality.

2.8 World goes on (I believe it’s alright)

I believe it's alright
I believe it's ok
I believe it's fine 
I believe that all I believe is true

And if you don't feel the same 
We are just not the same
That's alright, that's completely fine, 
because we are not the same 

And the world goes 
on and on, and on and on
And it goes right, 
that's the only way it can go
And you
will get to realize that
And then You will feel so good about it

2.9 Light in the dark (Good and bad)

It's good 
when you you know what 
when you you where, 
when you know how
It's bad
When you don't know 
what you would like, 
what you have to do.
It's good
When you see light, 
and the markers show you 
the way to your goal.
And it's bad
When it is dark
and you can't see
anything at all.

But please don't ever, please don't ever you forget
In the life, there's nothing that is simply good or bad
And only at night, 
     that when you will appreciate the light

So if you feel that you kind of out of fire
That's alright. Just accumulate your desire
Until you get to the point
     When you ready to explode!

And then 
You will know what
You will know how
And you will do it
I know
And you know too
And you know well
There's any doubt about it