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Related to COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

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Part 1: All deaths  | Part 2: Vaccine efficacy | Part 3: Vaccine safety | Part 4: All tables

Part 1: All deaths 

Vertical lines indicate the beginning of vaccination of high-risk population and general public.
(Data are averaged over four weeks. Drop at the end is due to the absence of data in some provinces)
Images for other age groups are here

NB:  In it's May data release,  StatsCan has removed data that shows excess deaths among young people after vaccination in New Brunswish.
"Killer on the road" in New Brunswick: killing mainly under 44. CBC started talking about it.
StatsCan removed data. But we still have it and can show it to you - what exactly they removed.

0 to 44 years (Release date: 2022-04-14)

All ages (Release date: 2022-04-14):

Part 2: Vaccine Efficacy [Part 1] [Part 3]

The images below are interactive and automatically generated from this Google Spreadsheet.
Hover over the images with mouse to see the statistics behind the plots. 

Percentage of Fully Vaccinated among Cases: computed using counting Total Cases from the day vaccination started (December 14, 2020)
Source: (Table 2)
NB: There were no Fully Vaccinated in early days of vaccination, therefore reported percentages are significantly lower than weekly observed.

Percentage of Fully Vaccinated among Cases - counted based on the weekly observed Cases
Source: (Table 2)
NB: Weekly observed Cases are computed as the difference between reported Total Cases in two consecutive reports

Weekly number of COVID-19 Cases Deceased: Total and by Age group*

COVID-19 Deaths: Total and by Vaccination status
(Data is shown for cases for which Vaccination status information is provided. All ages combined)

COVID-19 Cases:  Relative to vaccination status group size
(Numbers are shown per million for each vaccination status population)

Odds of Cases by Vaccination status: tracked over time
(Odds are computed using relative case count for each vaccination status population)

Odds of Cases by Vaccination status: combined averages since February 2022

Complications among COVID-19 Cases - by vaccination status

Part 3: Vaccine Safety

COVID-19 vaccine Serious Adverse Reactions: Projected Total and by Age group
Source: (Figure 1)
Total is projected based on currently observed delays in reporting

Adverse reactions of special interest, as reported on different dates
For definitions and further details, please see: (Table 1)

Full spreadsheet is below
To open this Spreadsheet in a separate window, click here 

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